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man relaxing in his car

Does Travel Fatigue Exists and How Can You Avoid It?

Have you ever felt tired after traveling for a long time? Does it sound too privileged to say that we do get tired of jumping from one plane to another, seeing and experiencing different cultures, people, and food? You won’t often hear the words burnout and exhaustion as they relate to travel. Most people will

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Travelling car

4 Tips in Maintaining Your Off-Road Vehicle

Off-road vehicles perform exceptionally on the trails. Whether it’s a car that has the best traction or a truck that has four-wheel drive capabilities, these vehicles make driving quite exciting. But if you neglect to maintain them post-ride, you may start encountering issues. Below are a few tips on how to keep your off-road vehicle

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asian family shopping

Shop and Splurge in Singapore: Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Singapore is not just a city known for its cosmopolitan vibe, efficient transportation system and colourful cultures. For many, it is a shopping mecca. It is home to many malls, both budget and high-end. The retail culture is so alive, and there are many places where you will score great deals and finds. So if you

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people hopping inside the tour bus

The More the Messier: Group Travel Safety Tips

Group travels offer many perks that aren’t possible when traveling alone: you’d be able to take advantage of package deals, traveling becomes relatively cheaper as you’re able to share the expenses, especially if you’re looking to get a van for rent while in Manila, and it’s simply way more fun to share places and experiences

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