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Enjoying the Ride: Meeting Requirements When on Board

While going out is still risky in many areas during this global health crisis, some places are becoming more lenient with quarantine protocols. With these updated guidelines, social gatherings and celebrations might be allowed for some. You must check with your local government about your updated safety protocols before planning an event that includes a

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woman on top of a car

Driving Off-road for the First Time? Here’s What You Must Know

While, in terms of functionality and city driving, your usual sedans and compact SUVs typically get the job done, driving isn’t always about staying on highways and driving around the neighborhood. Of course, to most people, driving is nothing more than the essential skill of handling a car, but it’s much more than that to

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traveling alone

Backpacking in Southeast Asia: How to Make the Most Out of It

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular and easiest places in the world for backpackers to explore. In fact, the travel trail through this region is well-worn, as many backpackers have been exploring Southeast Asia since the late 1960s — discovering its natural beauty, friendly people, and unique experiences. In short, there’s enough to

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How COVID-19 Changed Travel

Travel changed when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. Borders around countries closed first. And then the borders around states closed as well. Then, the next thing we knew, we couldn’t venture out to other cities. The traveler inside of us felt stuck. Travel by plane, ship, and trains was discouraged. We had to stay

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family swimming

Four Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

A house that’s left empty for days and weeks at a time is a prime target for burglars and thieves. These people look for signs that there’s no one home, and if they find a small window of opportunity, they take it. You wouldn’t want to come home to a disaster, so before you leave

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Girl and a dog in a car

Next-Level Camping: Alternative Ways to Enjoy The Outdoors

The outdoors is an awesome place to go to for fun, adventure, and bonding. It offers so much variety that anyone and everyone can get to enjoy it. While it can also be challenging, the main thing that it offers is for everyone to have a great time. It is also one of the best

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buying a car

5 Smart Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Car Purchase

Having your own car provides you with an unmatched level of convenience in terms of transport, and also allows you more freedom, mobility, and independence. However, there will come a time where your current vehicle needs to be replaced even if it’s still working — it’s possible that, due to its age and mileage, your

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inside of a garage

Upgrade Your Garage with These Steps

To a mechanic and car junkie, the garage is their safe haven and sanctuary. It is where they store their prized tools and equipment. It is where they go to finish their projects. And of course, the garage is where they keep their most prized possession: the car. Some garage owners will differ from the

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