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car mechanic

Important Car Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Neglect

Car maintenance is essential for car owners. Neglecting necessary car maintenance procedures can lead to expensive repair bills, and some of these vital car maintenance tasks are simple enough that they don’t require a mechanic’s help at all. Cars are expensive, and you want to keep them for as long as possible. However, if you

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Making It Beautiful Again: How to Make Your Old Car Look New

Old cars are pretty common in the US when compared to any other country. Among the more than 250 million cars in the US, about 62 million (25%) are more than sixteen. There are various reasons for this. The first is that Americans love old and classic cars. If you know someone who owns a classic muscle

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vintage car

Practical Ways to Protect Your Car from Weather Elements

Owning a car has many advantages. One of them is the convenience to travel in different weather conditions. Commuters have to come in contact with heat and cold as they make their way to their destinations. For car owners, it is a different story. Even if it is sweltering hot, a person can be comfortable

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Driving Safety: Taking Care of Your Vehicle

In the midst of this global pandemic, there has been a growing need for different modes of transportation in various industries, whether for personal or industrial use. People who need to move houses rent moving trucks. Those in the construction business continue to use vehicles that can handle a large volume of materials. Meanwhile, some

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road trip friends pickup truck

Road Trip Reminders: How to Prepare Your Car for the Road

Whether you are planning on a leisure trip for your family or looking forward to going on a solo drive to get out of town this summer, it is vital to prepare your vehicle to make sure you can safely get there—and back. The first thing to consider is getting the appropriate vehicle for the

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black subaru outback

Choosing the Safest Vehicles for Your Young Family

Choosing what car to purchase is always a big decision. But when you factor in your family’s safety, especially when you have babies and young children, the choice becomes higher in stakes. If you and your partner choose the best car for your young family, here are some considerations you need to make and car

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pick up truck on the road

Essential Truck Accessories For The Ultimate Road Trip

A truck is one of the best vehicles to take for a long-haul road trip. It’s powerful, it has a lot of storage, and depending on your truck, it can handle various kinds of rough terrain. Taking a road trip with a bare truck should make for a safe and comfortable journey. However, there are

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Woman traveling with her car

Summer Travel: Preparing Your Car for the Extreme Heat

Spring is over, and the sunshine and warm temperatures are a welcome change from the chilly days. However, summers also mean extreme heat, and it won’t be easy for your vehicle. With summer here, make sure your car is ready for the scorching heat. Here are tips to ensure your vehicle is in top-notch shape

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Closeup of a car key on an auto insurance policy

P2P Car Insurance: Pitfalls Not to Overlook

Fintech (financial technology) has been redefining auto insurance in Rockford, South Beloit, Loves Park, and other Illinois cities. One of the most exciting innovations in the industry is the peer-to-peer (P2P) model. Like P2P lending, P2P insurance aims to minimize the number of intermediaries involved in the matter and reduce the overall overhead for the

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